Nepal's Maoist leader visits China

Prime Minister Dahal's visit to Beijing comes at a time when Nepal is the most fragile and fungible it has ever been

Pokhara’s China connection

The Chinese always had a soft spot for Pokhara that Pokhara has not taken adequate advantage of

Geopolitics of Nepal’s rivers

India edges China out of Nepal’s river projects as water becomes a strategic commodity

BRI enters the tenth year

Looking at the future of the Chinese infrastructure initiative for Asia and Nepal

Nepal in the new world order

How to leverage our geostrategic location amidst hypernationalism and the clash between liberal democracy and authoritarianism

The salt of the earth

While it is unclear when and how salt was first introduced to Nepal’s culture and cuisine, what is clear is that Tibetan...

Reaction to Wang Yi’s Nepal visit in Chinese media

A day after Chinese State Councilor and Foreign minister Wang Yi’s visit to Nepal was announced, my Chinese professor cited a Nepali...

Nepal loses its foremost security analyst

In 1991, as the editor of Deshantar weekly, I was part of a visiting team of journalists accompanying Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala on...

From pandemic to epidemic to endemic

While many countries lift mask mandates and coronavirus restrictions, Hong Kong and China are reeling from an Omicrons surge. Britain, the US...

It’s decision time

There is intense international diplomatic pressure for and against a $500 million American project, as Nepal’s main political players try to strike backroom deals ahead...

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