Dengue danger returns with monsoon

With preparedness lax, it is now only personal protection (and luck) that will save Nepal from another serious outbreak

New dengue outbreak likely this monsoon

Last year’s dengue virus is in mosquito larvae, ready to spread when the rains come

Sonia Awale

Dasain 2022

After two years of relatively muted Dasain festivities due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Nepalis were all revved up to make up for it this...

Dengue days are here to stay

It is not called ‘breakbone fever’ for nothing. Every bone, every muscle, every joint throbs with searing pain, as my body burned...

Sonia Awale

As Covid abates, Nepal sees dengue outbreak

For the past two years, the preoccupation of the government and people of Nepal has been with the pandemic. But just as...

The dangers of the dengue virus

Haphazard urbanisation in Nepal has created ideal conditions for the mosquito that carries the disease

Tom Robertson

Ke garne attitude kills people

Epidemics are nothing new in Nepal. In fact, the country’s history is littered with references to frequent outbreaks of cholera, influenza, measles...

This is a test

By now the novel coronavirus pandemic has affected every corner of the globe. If it has not brought disease, it has at...

Nepal must prepare for climate migration

In the past, Nepalis have migrated to India for seasonal labour and military recruitment. Today they fly overseas for work. Tomorrow they...

Sonia Awale

“Nepal is a microcosm of all of the changes in world health” Jeremy Farrar is a British medical doctor and researcher with 30 years of experience in tropical and infectious diseases. In 2013,...