The future of journalism is already here

Splice Beta 2023 Festival in Chiang Mai finds ways for startups to survive and thrive in new media landscape

Drift to digital disrupts media business model

Nepal’s advertising industry, advertisers and the media struggle against headwind from online platforms

Journalism is all about storytelling (and money)

Himal Media Mela 2023 continues, delves into good storytelling, digital reader revenues and covering the climate crisis

The new news age

The mainstream and online media have a voracious appetite for hard news because they need to keep feeding the beast. Press meets...

Sonia Awale

Paradigm shift in Nepali media

The Himal Media Mela 2022 continued on Saturday following the keynote address of Ravish Kumar, group editor of NDTV India.The day-long...

Shristi Karki

“All the people cannot be fooled all the time”

A S Panneerselvan is executive director of Panos South Asia, which fosters public debate in the region. He has been the Reader's...

Press for people

This year, Nepal leapfrogged to 76 among 180 countries, up from last year’s 106, in the Press Freedom Index. Reporters without Borders ranked India...

Sahina Shrestha

The death of print is exaggerated

The Year of Covid hit economies hard, and none more so than the media business which depends mainly on advertising. With sales down and...

Digital detox

The surest sign that Nepal has already become an online society is the spreading practice of ‘digital detox’, where addicted users completely...

So, you want to quit Facebook?

Just after waking, the first thing many people across the world, and increasingly in Nepal, do is pick up their mobile phones....