Balancing free expression with fake news on social media

UNESCO official outlines conclusions of a report on governance of digital platforms

Inoculation against misinformation

As Nepal’s elections near, fact-checking, media literacy and monitoring can foster trust in public institutions

Paradigm shift in Nepali media

The Himal Media Mela 2022 continued on Saturday following the keynote address of Ravish Kumar, group editor of NDTV India.The day-long...

Shristi Karki

Election infowar goes digital

The use of the social web has found a dominant role in campaigning for local elections, especially as the countdown to the 13 May...

“All the people cannot be fooled all the time”

A S Panneerselvan is executive director of Panos South Asia, which fosters public debate in the region. He has been the Reader's...

Internet in everything

The past two years have accelerated the trends already buffeting the media industry pre-Covid: migration of readers and advertisers from legacy to...

Punished for fact-checking in Nepal

“What is this that you have posted?”“Who gave you the right to put this up?”“You think you can just write these things?”Those...

The message is the medium

Historians have pointed out that the reason for Nepal’s political dysfunction is that although it is South Asia’s oldest nation state, it...

Face-to-face to counter Facebook

How Nepal can develop ‘herd immunity’ against disinformation, lies and propaganda on social media

Sakar Pudasaini

(Un)United States of America

America’s turmoil over the past four years and this messy election are a lesson in how to dismantle a functioning democracy in...

Kunda Dixit
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