No work is big or small, work is work

Nepali security guard returns from Gulf to start a thriving business back home

Gulf workers need protection from heat

Migrant workers in the desert need safety measures against heat stress this summer

Diaspora Diaries 1

In this new fortnightly column, Diaspora Diaries, Nepali Times provides a platform for Nepalis to share their experiences of living, working, studying...

Nepalis queueing up all night for proof of jab

Vaccine certificates are just another in a long checklist of permits and authorisations for Nepali workers headed overseas

Upasana Khadka

Two decades of debate on female migration

A look back at how we have come back full circle in 20 years about the ban on migration. Or maybe we never left.

Upasana Khadka

Nepali women protest proposed travel restrictions

Protests against the government proposal saying women under 40 would require consent from a guardian and local government to travel for work...

History of female (im)mobility in Nepal

A proposal by Nepal’s Immigration Department requiring consent from a guardian and local government for women under the age of 40 travelling...

Upasana Khadka

A few good agents

Recognising good examples among migrant worker recruiters is as important as holding the bad ones accountable

Upasana Khadka

Nepali workers stuck in no-man's land

More than 43,000 overseas migrant workers have returned to Nepal during the Coronavirus pandemic out of 125,000 who registered to be ‘rescued,’...

Nepali workers rejoin jobs overseas

The plight of thousands of Nepali migrant workers stranded overseas gets a lot of media attention, but there are also many who...