Nepal’s China-India love-triangle impacts investment

Geopolitical sensitivities of its giant neighbours block much-needed energy projects

Why invest in Nepal?

Nepal's investment climate is worsened by political instability, too few laws, and too much red tape

Shristi Karki

Nepal looks at alternative investments

Ahead of the Nepal Investment Summit, some new ideas to attract FDI

Siddhant Raj Pandey

Poor cash-rich Nepal

The country’s coffers are full, but the economy is anemic because of poor investment climate

Sonia Awale

Taxing process of fund reclaiming in Nepal

Almost two decades have passed since the Income Tax Act came into effect in Nepal. But complications abound for taxpayers, even if they have...

Despite politics, Nepal’s stock market is bullish

Aside from second-guessing what will happen in the restored Parliament on Sunday, the major past-time of urban Nepalis these days is to...

Nepal stalls in Prosperity Index

Nepal has only slightly progressed in the annual overall prosperity rankings this year, but rose 15 steps over the last decade with substantial...

Economic cost of 5 months of Nepal lockdown

As serious as the rapid spread in Nepal of the novel coronavirus looks, even more frightening is what the lockdown meant to...

Counting what counts in Nepal

The state of the toilet at Kathmandu airport is a better indicator of progress than the Human Development Index

Anil Chitrakar

Staying in Nepal to create jobs

Dil Bahadur Gurung is glad he turned down an offer to go abroad to start his own handicraft business