Super-hit, or super-flop?

Prime Minister Dahal’s visit to India not received well in Nepal

Nepal-India trans-boundary bonds

National borders do not just divide countries, they also join them

Chandra Kishore

New Delhi’s new dealings in Nepal

When Kathmandu Valley was still known as Swoniga (three cities), back in the medieval Lichhavi-Malla era, the Ganga plains did not send diplomats or...

20 years ago this week

The #1 print edition of Nepali Times of 19-25 July 2000 shows that even though much has changed in Nepal in the past two...

Kunda Dixit

Two takes on the Nepal-India nexus

Nepal Nexus, the English translation and updated version of the 2013 bestseller Prayogshala by editor Sudheer Sharma, offers readers a vivid account of Nepal’s ten-year...

Power plays

Nothing unites Nepalis more than a dispute with India. So, when India issued its new official map this month putting the east...

Tsu-namo 2.0 and Nepal

Prime Minister Modi is returning to power in India with more confidence will mean that his government will be more assertive towards smaller countries...

India Watching from Nepal

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s BJP has suffered a shocking setback in assembly elections in five states, some of them in the...

Birganj waits for the boom

History, geography and economy make this strategic border city an important hub

Anil Chitrakar

Oli reassures India before China visit

It was only a day before leaving for Beijing, that PM Oli on Monday formally informed Parliament about his state visit to...