Nepalis are not dying on the country’s highways, they are being killed

Sonia Awale

Dying to travel

Ninety-four people lost their lives in air crashes in the past 12 months, but the number of people killed on Nepal’s roads was 30 times higher

Deadly Dasain on Nepal’s highways

The death toll in a bus plunge in Mugu has reached 32. Twenty-four people died on the spot and eight more during...

Nepal’s other pandemic: road fatalities

More people die on Nepal's highways every year than in all natural disasters combined

Anita Bhetwal

How Covid-19 saves lives in Nepal

The Covid-19 crisis has dominated news bulletins in Nepal for the last six months, and in the past week the headlines are...

When panic goes viral

The global public health crisis caused by the 2019 novel coronavirus has  hospitalised tens of thousands and killed hundreds of people, wrecked...

Sonia Awale

Injured use Internet to get rehab care

Last November, a speeding bus in Argakanchi lost control and tumbled down a mountain, killing 19 and injuring 18 passengers. Three weeks...

Sonia Awale

It’s an emergency: Nepal needs to improve trauma care

Speeding along a narrow winding mountain road in Dhading, a heavily intoxicated truck driver lost control of the vehicle and it overturned,...

Waiting till the cows come home

The first thing one notices these days while travelling by road in the Tarai are hundreds of cattle blocking the East-West Highway,...

Kunda Dixit

Nepal’s deadly roads take their toll

At least seven people were killed when a bus heading to Narayangad from Beni lost control and fell 70m from the road...

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