"Not every cartoon is humorous"

Between sharp lines and subtlety, cartoonist Abin reminds that good things don’t need to be satirised

Self-driving in Kathmandu

Now that Elon Musk’s self-driving Beta is available in North America, it is only a question of time before autonomous vehicles arrive...

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Symbolic elections

Don’t be an ass. Get out and vote, even if it is for a serial politician who has been given the chance...

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Nepalis in India’s arsenal

Many of you pulled me aside at a recent diplomatic soirée to ask if it is a coincidence that on the week...

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Dasain is postponed

The Ass has been reminded that this paper takes a break over Dasain, and we skip one issue next week. Yay! Also,...

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As Nepalis, we value our relationship with the international community so much that we are willing to sacrifice time, fossil fuel, and...

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Exit visas for Nepalis

Nepalis are the most experienced people when it comes to having their visa applications rejected. Except for São Tomé and Príncipe and...

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Twerking at Tij

Despite where the Gender Inequality Index may rank Nepal, this country is taking rapid strides to achieve equality among men, women, and...

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Turning Nepal into Singapore

During the Panchayat, Nepal’s absolute rulers promised to lift the country to ‘Asian Standards’. What they forgot to spell out was whether...

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Fly-by-Night Airlines

Ladies and gentlemen and dear customers, we will now take you away from our regular programming to some breaking news being streamed...

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