Nepal municipality registers same-sex marriage

Rural local government follows Supreme Court order after rejection by Kathmandu

Kyle Knight

Long leave the King

Fifteen years after a post-conflict Constituent Assembly abolished Nepal’s monarchy, growing public discontent with the successive governments is fuelling a drive to...

Alisha Sijapati

Deft diplomacy freed Thai hostages

Why Thailand was able to free its nationals from Hamas, and Nepal has so far failed

Moontae Jeong in Bangkok

3 more Nepalis in Russian army killed

But neither the Nepal government nor its Moscow embassy know how many of its nationals are fighting as mercenaries on the Ukraine front

Nepali Times

Nepali women flee abuse for overseas work

Foreign employment gives survivors of domestic violence an escape route to independence and dignity

Sujata Dhungana

A designer by design

Small town entrepreneur making fashion accessible to every woman

Sahina Shrestha in Rupandehi

Sky is the limit for Nepali chef in Bahrain

“I’ve come a long way since my days as a kitchen help but mine is a story about separation and sacrifices.”

Sanjay Lama Tamang

Learning from Jajarkot what we didn't after 2015

Every earthquake throws up lessons so we can be better prepared next time. This month's quake is another chance.

Sushil Gyewali

Too hot to work

The COP28 Climate Summit in Dubai spotlights working conditions for Nepali migrant workers