Be kind to buffaloes

Nepal cracks down on cruelty to livestock during transportation, but more compassion is needed

Abinash Thakur

Artificial Intelligence vs Human Stupidity

Despite hope, and hype about AI, politics is too dysfunctional and misguided to manage more threats to the planet’s future.

Nouriel Roubini

The Shépa lexicon

Many browsing the shelf of a bookstore or library may see Shépa written in bold all caps on the cover of this...

Kunda Dixit

The role of rituals in royalty

How rituals were used to legitimise Gyanendra’s reign after the palace massacre and in Nepal’s transition to republic

Sahina Shrestha

Climate crisis ruins Himalayan pastoralists

Nepal’s shepherds leave their ancestral occupation due to climate change and outmigration

Rabin Pun Magar in Rukum East

The destroyer of worlds

Relevance of Oppenheimer's biography in the age of global wars and the climate crisis

Sonia Awale

The most controversial pronoun is ‘we’, not ‘they’

Alok Vaid-Menon, the gender non-conforming poet, is performing live in Kathmandu this week

Ranjita Ganesan in Park City, Utah

Not rising Nepal

Statistics tell us the poverty rate has declined, the reality is different for the poorest Nepalis.


Nepal cook book

A gastronomic tour of Nepali cuisines

Kunda Dixit