Cartoons that speak 1,000 words

Cartoonists have the capacity to say with a sketch what would take writers 1,000 words. Especially in times of crisis, cartoonists have been at the forefront of speaking truth to power through biting satire. Nepali Times selected these cartoons from the Nepali language press about the pandemic and the government’s handling of it.

Oh, it's you! Couldn't recognise you without the mask. Cartoonist: ABIN/KANTIPUR

Nepalis stranded in Wuhan. Charter a plane! Nepalis also stranded in Dharchula. Lathi charge them! Cartoonist: PHALANO/BARHAKHARI

The Real Lockdown. Cartoonist: RABINDRA MANANDHAR/NEPAL

The guest has arrived. Cartoonist: RABIN SAYAMI/NAGARIK

Daily-wagers worried about Corona. Cartoonist: RABI MISHRA/NAYA PATRIKA

The cycle of environment, man, and the virus. Cartoonist: BASU KSHITIZ/ANNAPURNA POST

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