Samyak Mahadan


Samyak Mahadan as the name suggests is an almsgiving Newa Buddhist festival held once in every five years in Patan. The two day-long centuries-old tradition is held on a large open ground in Nagbahal, where hundreds of idols of  Dīpankara Buddha (one of the Buddhas of the past) are assembled for worship.

Devotees from all walks of life give away different types of gifts including money and food to the deities, their keepers, monks and the Buddhist communities.

In Kathmandu, Samyak is held at the Darbar Square and Bhuikhel in Swayambhu once in every 12 years, whereas in Bhaktapur, the festival is an annual celebration. The first Samyak Mahadan is said to thave taken place in Nepal Sambat 135 (1015 AD).

Photos by Monika Deupala

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