Machindranath festival concludes amidst Covid-19

Machhindranath Nepal NT 11
All photos: BIKRAM RAI

This year's Rato Machindranath festival has come to an end. On Monday, devotees took down the red god from its chariot in Pulchok and carried it to its temple in Bungamati.

Minnath's chariot will be pulled from Pulchok to its temple in Tangal.

The annual chariot festival skipped out on its traditional route and series of high-profile cultural events like Bhoto Jatra in Jawlakhel and Nariwal khasaune in Lagankhel due to Covid-19 pandemic.

Patan's iconic festival was delayed by five months and was resumed last week following a clash between locals and police who had tried to stop the chariot pulling citing coronavirus crisis.

Machhindranath Nepal NT 8

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