South Asian Games Recap 10 December

The Nepali men's football team celebrates their 2-1 win over Bhutan in the finals. All Photos: BIKRAM RAI

In the much-awaited men's football final, Nepal and Bhutan went head to head in an intense match for the gold. The Nepali team gained a quick lead with a goal scored by Abhishek Rijal in the 16th minute of the game but Bhutan drew before half-time. Sulav Bal eventually scored for Nepal, leading the host country to victory. 

Football: Nepal vs Bhutan

India and Pakistan went against each other in both the men's and women's the squash games. While the Indian women's team defeated Pakistan 2-1, the Pakistani mean's team defeated India 2-1.

Final medal tally

This year's South Asian Games ends with India as the first-placed team 13th year in a row bagging 174 gold medals and a total of 312 medals. India also broke their previous record of 309 total medals that they had set in the 2016 SAG.

Nepal also broke its previous total medal and gold tally with 206 and 51 medals, respectively.

Basketball: Nepal vs Bangladesh

In the men's basketball event, Nepal beat Bangladesh to claim bronze while India defeated Sri Lanka for the gold.

This year's women's basketball games was also historic for the Nepali team as it was the first time in the South Asian Games that they had reached the finals. They claimed silver while India clinched the gold. 

The South Asian Games ended with numerous musical, dance and cultural performances. The highlight of the ceremony was the colourful drone show and the dance performances by the students of Nightingale School.