In transit to the Golden Land

Govinda Rijal, a refugee from Bhutan who refused to be resettled overseas, killed in a freak accident in Kathmandu

Real refugees want to go back to Bhutan

Senior Bhutanese have lived in refugee camps in Nepal for three decades, and want their children to return

Losing our moral compass

The fake refugee scam is a reflection of everything that is wrong with Nepal and the people who run it

Bhutan king must free political prisoners

Human rights groups urge monarch to free prisoners of Nepali descent languishing in jail for decades

Political prisoners languish in Bhutan’s jails

This Nepali Times Weekend Longread contains interviews with Bhutan’s refugees and their families in a camp in eastern Nepal by Devendra Bhattarai...

Letter to my kindergarten daughter

Dear छोरी, Congratulations on starting a long and exciting journey by beginning kindergarten today. It was lovely to see you so excited...

Elderly left in Bhutan refugee camp

Thirty years after they were driven out of Bhutan, and after spending all that time in camps in eastern Nepal, elderly refugees are...

Who stands with Bhutanese refugees in Nepal?

On 20 June it will be another World Refugee Day, another year in which we remember the world’s most forgotten eviction of...

Family separation, Bhutan-style

As a student in Pittsburg in the United States, I began working with refugee populations four years ago. A wide-eyed sociology graduate...

No one to care for doctor who cared for everyone

 In the early 1990s, Bhutan's royal regime forced out nearly 75,000 of its Nepali-speaking Lhotshampa people, and with the help of the...

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