“Nepal suffering gross climate injustice”

Prime Minister Dahal on the climate crisis, the Ncell sale and persistent under-development

Deputies drive development in rural Nepal

Gita Adhikari, the deputy mayor of Damak, quit her job as assistant campus chief of Damak Multiple Campus when she was nominated...

All politics is local

KhotangLast year, as Nepal plunged headlong into the second wave of Covid-19, cities around the country including Kathmandu Valley announced lockdowns, and people of...

Sahina Shrestha

Things are looking up

After watching Don’t Look Up on a bootleg channel this week, the Ass has come to the happy conclusion that compared...

Ass s


The COP26 climate jamboree ends in Glasgow on Friday, and already it looks like the best world governments are prepared to offer...

Sonia Awale

MCC ball in Nepal’s court

“Countries knock at our doors all the time for capital, as it is getting harder and harder to obtain development funds. We...

A short walk up the Panjshir

Kids playing on rusted tanks abandoned by the retreating Russians, war debris comfortably incorporated into stone walls to contain sheep and goats,...

Lisa Choegyal

The pandemic opportunity

The pandemic has thrown a wrench into the global economic machine, curtailing growth in many parts of the world. Governments and businesses...

Nepali conservationist among Rolex awardees

A new generation of Nepali environmental activists is filling the void left by the tragic 2006 Ghunsa crash that saw the loss of many...

Grow back greener

The pandemic offers us the chance to tread lighter on the land allow nature to restore itself

Anjana Rajbhandary
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