Nepal's Maoist leader visits China

Prime Minister Dahal's visit to Beijing comes at a time when Nepal is the most fragile and fungible it has ever been

Geopolitics of Nepal’s rivers

India edges China out of Nepal’s river projects as water becomes a strategic commodity

Nepal should be open for South Asia

On World Press Freedom Day, Himal Media Mela examines state of the media in Nepal and the region

Nepal’s Transitional Justice and the West’s recalibration

Global geopolitical changes and the rise of China means the West has gone cold on transitional justice and its humanitarian agenda

Singha Darbar, not Singapore

The obsession of our leaders with Singapore is unmatched. Every prime minister we have had in the 30 years (some of them...

40 years after the Sino-US thaw

Wonder what Richard Solomon would have to say about the new Cold War between China and the US

It’s sink or swim for the Himalaya

The Himalaya is a hotspot in more ways than one. Climate breakdown is melting its ice at an unprecedented rate, countries that...

Kunda Dixit

"Journalism is the frontline of democracy"

Acting US Assistant Secretary for Global Public Affairs Elizabeth Trudeau was on a two-day visit to Nepal this week. She earlier served...

The geopolitics of Nepal’s water and electricity

A rapidly warming atmosphere is melting Himalayan glaciers, changing the seasonal flow of water in Nepal’s rivers, and increasing the interest of downstream India...

Awesome stuff

The Ass can’t figure out what the big deal is about PKD suddenly dashing off to Delhi. It is a time-honoured ritual...

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