Nepal is undermining international goodwill and losing revenue by driving out long-staying foreigners

Sonia Awale

Nepal’s nurse flight

If nurse salaries and work conditions do not improve, we will have to ask why nurses stay, rather than why they leave.

11 Nepalis among migrants in Guatemala rescue

Guatemalan police said that there were 11 Nepalis among the 126 US-bound migrants who were rescued from a shipping container abandoned by...

People-to-people at India-Nepal border

The checkpoint at the India-Nepal border here has a whole range of Nepalis crossing over: innocent Nepali workers in search of jobs...

Nepali women protest proposed travel restrictions

Protests against the government proposal saying women under 40 would require consent from a guardian and local government to travel for work...

History of female (im)mobility in Nepal

A proposal by Nepal’s Immigration Department requiring consent from a guardian and local government for women under the age of 40 travelling...

Upasana Khadka

Stranded visitors want to stay on in Nepal

During the first two months of lockdown when foreign embassies in Kathmandu were rounding up their last remaining nationals to fly home...

Sonia Awale

Counting what counts in Nepal

The state of the toilet at Kathmandu airport is a better indicator of progress than the Human Development Index

Anil Chitrakar

Migration Certificate

‘Abroad Study’ has entered the Nepali lexicon. Student out-migration now rivals the medical education industry, overseas contract work, and tourism as the...