Saving Humla from heritage loss

A school in Nepal’s remotest district hopes to reverse youth outmigration and protect local culture

Benjamin Zimmerman

When yaks go, so does culture

Yak herds decline due to lifestyle changes, the climate crisis and outmigration

Tanka Dhakal in Syangboche


Nepal is undermining international goodwill and losing revenue by driving out long-staying foreigners

Sonia Awale

Democracy’s discontents

Populism is a wake-up call for Nepal’s parties to mend their ways.


The kingdom within a republic

Mustang’s king grapples with the impact of climate breakdown and other challenges

Durga Rana Magar in Mustang

Leonardo and Drew

I discovered Tom before Leo, but somehow I completely forgot about Drew

Anbika Giri

A deadly sugar rush

Diabetes is rising among Nepalis, but almost half of the cases are undiagnosed

Yugottam Koirala

Giving credit where it’s due

Nepalis are swindled by Nepalis of savings in rogue cooperatives, even as defaults send banks into crisis



Nearsightedness is an epidemic among Nepal’s children, but remains hidden from the public eye

Yugeshwor Koirala