Tiger Mountain Pokhara Lodge at 25

A haven of sustainable hospitality in Nepal sets a benchmark for ecotourism

Lisa Choegyal

"Money is not everything, but you need money for everything"

A Nepali geologist’s career takes a new turn after years flipping burgers in Dubai

Rohit Shrestha

Crimson, saffron and green

An ideological vacuum is turning the Madhes into fertile ground for the religious right

Chandra Kishore

Nothing artificial about his intelligence

Researcher devises affordable scientific applications for Nepalis

Yugottam Koirala

Marriage drama

Katha Ghera’s latest adapted play reflects modern marriages and family dynamics in Nepal

Ashim Timalsina

From retail to selling chiya

Most migrants buy land or build houses with their earning but a Dubai-returnee came back empty handed to launch tea business

Gautam Guvaju

Memories of an archivist

Pioneer of microfilming in Nepal has made it his life’s mission to preserve ancient documents

Anita Bhetwal

The Exceptional Buhari

The portrayal of the daughter-in-law in a story in a school textbook entrenches Nepal's patriarchy

Sudeshna Thapa

A flood of recrimination

This monsoon was no different than previous ones in Nepal being blamed for downstream inundation

Pinki Sris Rana