Lockdown guidelines

Deserted Gongabu buspark on Monday. Photo: BIKRAM RAI

Here are some do’s and don’t’s as contained in the government’s directive requiring everyone nationwide not to come out of home. In addition, there are some additional orders:

  1. People can still go out, but only for urgent work like attending to a medical issue or to buy food.
  2. Except for vehicles with permits operated by the security system, all public and private transport will not be allowed to ply.
  3. Only aircraft belonging to the security agencies will be able to fly over Nepali airspace. All international and domestic flights are cancelled.
  4. Only essential services like health, security, food supply, water supply, dairy, electricity, telecommunication, news and information, customs, quarantine, waste management will be in operation. Other offices can be open but only with essential staff, or if the office in charge needs them urgently. All others are required to stay home.
  5. All industries except those engaged in pharmaceutical and health equipment, water supply, energy will be closed and workers will be given leave.
  6. Pharmacies and drug stores must ensure regular supply of medicines. Those who create an artificial shortage, or hoarding essential drugs will have their products confiscated and be dealt with under existing laws.
  7. All federal and local administrations will be mobilised to enforce the lockdown.
  8. Those violating the Infectious Diseases Law will be punished as per that law.

(Nepali Times translation)

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