Monsoon 2019 deluge

Birganj on Saturday, when the Sirsiya River flowed through the main street of the border city. Photo: Manish Poudel

The monsoon arrived late, but when it did it burst with vengeance. Many parts of Nepal saw their monthly average rainfall for this time of year in three days. Eastern Nepal has got 500mm of rain since Thursday, Simara received 300mm just on Friday alone, and Kathmandu got 150mm in 12 hours on Friday.

So far 30 people have lost their lives in floods and landslides triggered by torrential rainfall across the country. Additional 19 people are missing and 12 injured.

More rain is forecast till Monday.

People in Parsa cross a road that has turned into a river to get to drier land. Photo: Manish Poudel

The Balkhu River runs through Kalanki, a settlement tht was built recently on the river’s floodplain. Photo: RSS

CDO of Parsa takes a raft for a meeting in Birganj on Saturday morning. Photo: Manish Poudel

Police rescue children from a marooned family in Jhapa. Photo: Kamal Rimal

Police use a raft to rescue families from Metrocity Colony in Kuleswor. Photo: Kabindraman Shakya / Facebook

Runway of Janakpur airport is inundated after the torrential rainfall that started on Wednesday. Photo: RSS

Police move a family in Dang to safety after Rapti river flooded their home. Photo: RSS

Police in Birganj help locals of Ramgadhwa stranded by the floods. Photo: RSS

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