As Nepalis go forth where no Nepali has gone before to the far corners of the Planet, they will come across words that will make them homesick for the land they left behind.

Nepalis in Malaysia, for instance, will break into a smile as they thank locals with a “तेरीमा खसी”. Loosely pronounced, Terima Kasih could, under certain circumstances, mean ‘Your Mother Is a Goat’.

First-time Nepali visitors flying to Kuala Lumpur on MaLindo Air have been known to break into collective and uncontrolled laughter upon finding  that the plane they are boarding means ‘Big Turd’ (or words to that effect).

And after takeoff there is more naughty merriment when flight attendants hand out sugar sachets that have the Malay words [BLEEP] and [BLEEP].

Something similar happens in Chennai at the Mahalingam Store. No, it’s not a sex toy shop. It sells ‘Aachi’ condiments, ’Gu’ Energy Gel, and an assortment of fine wines.

There is one Japanese international retail chain that might also be a hit if it ever opens up shop in Kathmandu.

Although, Muji might need to put up signs warning customers that cursing is strictly not allowed inside the premises.

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