Loss and Damage as a Common Climate Cause

Countries like Bangladesh are not as critical of the UAE hosting COP28, hoping it will fund compensation when the West has fallen short

Naveeda Khan in Baltimore

Not just 16 days against gender-based violence

Present campaign must yield concrete steps from Nepal’s legislature, judiciary and executive to strengthen domestic violence law

Aastha Dahal
Suburban Tales

Warm my hands

The feeling is packed with familiarity and yet it is alarming with someone’s elbow going over her face, some crotch pressed to her side and someone’s garlic breath upon her hair.

Pratibha Tuladhar
Miss Motivation

Everything that drowned me

“Everything that drowned me, taught me how to swim.”  - Jenim, Dibie         ...

Kripa Joshi

Improving internet governance in Nepal

'The digital world is one of divides.' - United Nations

Sumana Shrestha
On the Margins

The Subcontinent's original people live on in Nepal

Tracing the origin and influence of Nepal's Uranw people who speak the country's only Dravidian language

Sewa Bhattarai

Learning from Jajarkot what we didn't after 2015

Every earthquake throws up lessons so we can be better prepared next time. This month's quake is another chance.

Sushil Gyewali
Miss Motivation

It's your road, and yours alone

 “It's your road, and yours alone. others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you.”  - Rumi...

Kripa Joshi

TikTok ban won’t stop Nepali netizens

Why TikTok was different and what next after the platform was blocked by the government

Saniaa Shah
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