Gadgets and apps for the new age women

Wearables for women and period tracking apps that focus on female health

Between 9-5 jobs, grocery shopping, socialising with friends and family, running errands before and after work, managing the household, keeping up with children’s needs, and more – most women are stretched for time and struggle to watch out for their own health and wellness.

Technology can offer what no partner or caring family member can: watching out for you 24/7 and reporting back every day with accurate, thoughtful information that makes you feel informed, confident and supported.


Women do not necessarily want to wear a clunky, square fitness tracker that was not made with the female body and nuanced behavioural and lifestyle patterns in mind. Wearable technology like fitness tracking bands, bracelets or watches can be as much of a tech-powered tool as a style statement, so naturally, this category of gadgets has seen a boom of new products and brands in the last few years.

Some ladies are happy with a no-fuss device that counts their steps and monitors their heart rate, but others want more. Smart functions offered in these new innovative products targeted at women include: measuring the body’s energy levels, monitoring sleep stages and blood oxygen saturation, a heart rate tracker, checking stress levels, and text message-reading capabilities. These gadgets come with full-featured activity trackers that come in slim, stylishly designed bands with up to 7 days of battery. Some of them are even swim-friendly and weather both rain and shine with no glitches or heating issues. All this, with band colour options like rose gold and pretty pastels!

The Apple Watch Series 5 and 6 are the high-end, premium models of this category of devices, with their versatile features and beautiful design. From an ECG app to a Breathe app, this watch comes with all kinds of cool built-in capabilities. The best part is, it looks equally good in the gym as it does at a dinner party.

The Fitbit is a more affordable, almost equally reputable brand, making its name as a leading fitness tracker with a wide product portfolio. The Fitbit Charge 4, Fitbit Zip, Fitbit Versa 3 and Fitbit Inspire 3 are all extremely advanced yet simple to use tools. While the Versa series is a health and fitness smartwatch with Alexa (virtual assistant) built into it, the Inspire 2 is just a nice fitness tracker that looks fancy but is easy on the wallet. The Zip is a wireless clip-on model that suits older women. Fitbit products are synced with the Fitbit app that monitors everything from workouts and nutrition to stress and sleep. They come in colours like rose pink and cement white.

Meanwhile, Garmin, an American multinational technology company that specialises in GPS technology, offers 10 different series of products, including the likes of Forerunner (best for running), Vivoactive (for fitness fanatics), Vivosmart (for casual, stylish everyday use) and Venu (Apple watch rival) among others. They even have Vivofit Jr models especially created for children.

Lesser known but undoubtedly attractive wearables like the Polar Vantage M, score high in the women-oriented category with a wide range of customisation options and over 130 sports to choose from for accurate feedback. Then there’s Oura ring, an innovative fitness tracking finger ring designed for comfort and convenience, keeping your wrists free for bangles, regular watches and such accessories.


Unlike fitness bands and watches, period trackers do not do the work by themselves. You need to assist their Artificial Intelligence by entering personal information regularly to improve prediction and analyses. For women with irregular cycles, a period tracking mobile app proves especially useful because intuitive data-driven technology can help predict your next period, the ovulatory window, high fertility days, and even mood swings and PMS (premenstrual syndrome). For those with regular cycles, planning special holidays or trekking trips and pregnancy becomes extremely easy and precise.

In 2021, period tracking is as quick and easy as remembering to use a sunscreen and moisturising cream. At first, logging in symptoms and marking period days on the app calendar feels like extra work, but after a point, you get into the habit of it and also reap the rewards with automatic notifications and information personalised to your body’s patterns.

Clue, Flo, Apple Health, MagicGirl, Period Tracker, Glow and Eve by Glow make the list of apps that you can download without having to contemplate, carefully study or read reviews before installing them on your phone. While apps like Clue and Flo share knowledge and teach you about your body, Period Tracker and MagicGirl are perfect for teens and beginners who are trying to get a hold of the whole mess-free and stress-free management of period cycles. The Glow app is a fertility tracking app with high ratings, and Eve by Glow is its sister app that zooms in only on the period, sex life and fitness tracking. For iOS users, there is always something special in store (pun intended), and thus, Apple Health, an app that covers the basics, is entirely free, and comes pre-installed in every iPhone under a pink heart icon. Who said technology can’t be cute, anyway?

Saniaa Shah