Viral videos of 2018

As the sun sets on 2018, Nepali Times takes you back to the most popular videos of the past year on its YouTube Channel, the ones that readers viewed and discussed the most:

1. A Kiwi takes to Gundruk

Most Nepalis love gundruk, it is almost our national dish. But it's rare to find a foreigner enjoying its strong aroma. New Zealand journalist and writer Thomas Heaton didn't just make gundruk sandheko from scratch, but also relished eating it. This video was the most widely shared and commented in 2018.

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2. US-Bangla plane crash 

A US-Bangla Bombardier Q100 aircraft from Dhaka to Kathmandu crashed at Kathmandu airport on 12 March killing all 67 passengers and crew. Among them were Nepali medical students returning to Nepal after completing their studies. This recording of the conversation between the pilot and Kathmandu air traffic control shows that the Captain was incoherent and disoriented during the flight’s last moments. The clip was shared by over half a million readers, and generated vigorous debate about the nature of the crash.

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3. Fire and Ice

This video of the Khumbu by Kunda Dixit presented dramatic proof of the impact of global warming on the glaciers below Mt Everest. The film was widely shared among the international scientific community, mountaineers and gained a lot of attention.

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4. Bartika Rai

YouTube sensation and US-based singer-songwriter Bartika Eam Rai was in Kathmandu for her first Nepal concert tour, and spoke to our reporter Sewa Bhattarai about her new full-length album, her childhood, the therapeutic power of songwriting and her future plans. Her fans were delighted, and flooded the Nepali Times feed with best wishes for the star.

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5. The Boy Gods of Kathmandu 

We have all heard of Kathmandu's Living Goddesses. But much less visible than the Kumari, are the male gods Ganesh and Bhairab who are also worshipped and join the chariot procession of the Living Goddess during Indra Jatra. Sahina Shrestha followed the Boy Gods of Kathmandu on their daily routines at school and home, and in the festival.

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