Women are from Mars

Now that NASA has its Perseverance SUV and Ingenuity drone on the surface of the Red Planet, we will finally know if men are indeed from Mars. So far, after peering under every nook and cranny with its robotic arm, we have it on good authority that Perseverance has not found any evidence of intelligent masculine lifeforms on Mars, which is another similarity the planet has with Earth.

However, the agency may need to shoot off another rocket to also figure out if women are from Venus. We will then finally know if there is true gender parity in the solar system.

What has shocked most people about the first panoramic photographs of Mars is how similar the terrain looks to parts of Planet Earth. In fact, selfies of the Mars buggy might as well have been taken at the Chabahil intersection. The good news is that NASA has announced its probe has detected signs of water on Mars, although no traces of it have been discovered in Mangal Bazar as yet.

Back here on Planet Earth, we commemorate another Intergalactic Women’s Day on March 8th to celebrate equality between women and men. Having had a head-start, men have had an unfair advantage in enjoying the privilege of being Jack Asses. Women, too, should have the right to behave like Jenny Asses.

After all, women in this country have have come a long way: there used to be zero female ministers in the interim cabinet in 1950. Compare that to the Oli Cabinet in which out of 25 ministers, two are women.

The question is, if 33% of civil service jobs are going to be given to females, what are some of us broad-minded men going to do? After all, as Chairman Mao himself proclaimed, we men hold up the other half of the sky. What we in the Central Non-Working Committee of the recently formed All-Nepal Federation of Alpha-Males and Drones (Revolutionised) want to know is: if men can be morons where is the harm if women want to be as idiomatic as members of the male species?

Should we guys be getting worried that women are overtaking us in the march towards mediocrity? You bet. And what should gentlemen be doing about it? Kicking butt. Yes, men have no recourse but to start behaving in an even more obnoxious and loathsome manner than we already do. Comrade Raghuji Punt, we notice, has already got his balls rolling in this arena.

All of us who wear Y-front undies must now reassert our manhood, and protect the bastions of Marxism-Leninism (Male) from feminism.

So, let this be a warning: we are not going to sit idly by while women outscore us in 10+2. We will also launch an agitation till jobs traditionally held by women are also reserved for men. Only through affirmative action can men also have a chance to prove themselves to be as good housewives and homemakers.

There is still hope: Kathmandu is getting its first male beauty parlour. At last there is a place us boys can go and get our blackheads squeezed by professionals without any danger of zits getting infected and erupting into pus-filled carbuncles and aunties.

So, in summary, we can conclude that women the world over have made a lot of progress in trying to be as idiosyncratic as men, but they still have a lot of catching to do. Women can also be from Mars if they try, and with Curiosity, Opportunity, Perseverance and Ingenuity, we know they can do it.

The Ass


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